Who We Are



d’Oro PRIVE’ is a sick, dope brand based in Washington, DC. Our fresh and progressive collections traverse the DNA of the brand with the “Sicariidae” (spider) and Signatures.


In Italian, the word “d’Oro” /ˈdɔ.ro/ means “golden” and “PRIVE'" /pʁi.ve/ means “Private” or "none comparable". Staple elements of our DNA inspire all collections and it creates a strong influence that combines lifestyle with high-quality products.


Our pieces are gorgeous, structured and clean. Much attention to detail is paid to offer the best pieces into our customer's wardrobe. Quality, fit and aesthetic is much important to us as it is to you. With our collections, we like to “tread the waters” of runway and ready-to-wear to bring the very best of both worlds. 


We know that you do not conform to the norm standards of style, rather in ”The Realm of Vibes" where you are unregulated and unapologetic. 


“We are all looking to fit in, without fitting in. This is the fundamental nature of humans. It’s fashion that allows us to do so without shouting so, but some are still afraid to go against the norm. We want to make it exciting to do so.” –Chanel Essence